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[dsdp-dd-dev] Agenda: DD meeting in Chicago

Hi folks,

Here is an initial proposed agenda for the Device Debugging meeting in Chicago.  As Martin Oberhuber indicated, he will send out a more detailed agenda for the Target Management portion of the meeting later.

Please send additional items that you would like to discuss / present.



Matt Scarpino - Starbridge Systems
* Introduction to Starbridge team, Eclipse products, and needs from DSDP

Darin Wright - IBM
* Flexible hierarchy in all debug views
* Asynchronous APIs
* Pluggable update policies
* Flexible view wiring 

IBM (some of this may be covered by Darin's talk)
* Alternate view rendering and more fine-grained control of existing rendering.
* Updater policy design and implementation
* Editor/debugger extension point design
* Memory view usability issues
* Breakpoint working set use cases / launch persistence

* Initial proposal for Open Debug Server interfaces

QNX (also an action item for Nokia, but they are unable to attend)
* Provide an update:  Debug console requirements and initial design

Doug Gaff
* Using vies with multiple debug contexts

Doug Gaff
* IP review and check-in policies

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