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[dsdp-dd-dev] DSDP meeting Chicago Agenda

Several people have already inquired about an agenda for the
DSDP DD + TM meeting in Chicago.

So far, we have no fixed agenda which means that proposals
of items to be discussed can be submitted.

For _Device Debugging_, the final agenda will be prepared by
DD lead Doug Gaff when he returns from vacation Oct.05.
You can expect that the agenda will quite exactly cover the
action items that were left open after the Toronto meeting,
so looking at the Toronto meeting notes (available from will help getting an idea.

In addition to that, Eclipse Platform Debug Lead Darin Wright
has announced that he wants to present proposed solutions/progress
on the following features:
        * flexible hierarchy in all debug views
        * asynchronous APIs
        * pluggable update policies
        * flexible view wiring

For _Target Management_, the agenda will also be finalized next week.
The following is a first shot at an agenda:
        * IBM RSE structure
           - Extensions and adaptions for Embedded, based on Use Cases
        * continue discussion to refine ‘connector proposal’
           - Come up with agreed-on extension point schema
        * start creating a DSDP-TM feature/delivery roadmap
        * TM and CDT: How can CDT based products use TM?
           - Work on a presentation for the CDT meeting

As mentioned, additional proposed items are welcome on the
developer mailing lists.

Martin Oberhuber - WindRiver, Austria

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