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[dsdp-dd-dev] DSDP-TM Face-to-Face Meeting date & location

Hi all,

we are sorry for the confusion around the TM+DD Face-to-face meetings.
It appears that some unfortunate incidents and vacations collided, such
that Pete Nicholl's notice of not being able to host the meeting in 
Toronto was received very late.

So far, all attendees that I got notice of have agreed to meet at
the planned date at the Wind River office in Downers Grove / Chicago 
instead. So this will be

  Oct 12 + 13 for the DD meeting
  Oct 13 + 14 for the TM meeting

Oct 13 is shared between DD and TM with "work meetings" being held
before lunch for DD and after lunch for TM; we're planning to have
this day as a "get-together" for DD and TM people, and the opportunity
to extend DD meetings in the afternoon if required.

Sandra Speice, who's in charge of the Wind River meeting facilities
and meeting organization in Downers Grove, will return from vacation
this monday oct. 26. I want to wait for her OK before I give a final
"go", but you can consider this location 95% fixed. 

So if it helps your travel agencies to reserve a flight to chicago
ORD before the weekend I'd suggest to do so, with giving them final 
clearance on monday.

Find attached some directions to the Downers Grove office. For the last 
DD meeting in May, Sandra had arranged a USD 119,- Wind River special 
rate at the hotel, which can be reached at Telephone number:
Again, I think Sandra can help with further arrangements when she is
back from vacation.

I'm specially sorry again for those who already booked a flight to
Toronto, and hope that just changing the destination on the same day
will lead to least effort.

Martin Oberhuber - WindRiver, Austria

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> Doug, Martin,
> I just wanted to confirm that both the TM and DD meetinga are being
> moved to Downers Grove.  Is this correct?
> Best regards,
> Martin Imrisek
> Texas Instruments

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