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[Dltk-dev] How to create a custom view to the debug view?

Recently I've been studying the debugger of Dltk. What I want to do is adding a custom view to the DebugView, let's say it to be CustomObjectView.
When users' scripte suspend at the breakpoint, CustomObjectView will show all the objects created by now. These objects has no relation with Tcl lanuage, they are just the bussiness objects created by users.
For example, users script will be like this:  set i [test::newobject1]
                                                                          set j [test::new object2]
                                                                          test::new relationship -parent  i j
And I can get all the objects by using:  test::get all to get all the created objects and their relations, and show them in CustomObjectView with a treeViewer. When user click step, CustomObjectView will refresh.
Could anyone give me some clue or example code to realize it? I've read articles at, but still do not know how to begin. Is there any documents about how to realizing debugger of DLTK? Any advise and help will be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,

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