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RE: [Dltk-dev] dbgp encoded property values


I believe the "problem" already described very well. Jae, please submit a
patch or just file a bug if you'd like Dmitriy to add such support for
ActiveState's debuggers.

Kind Regards,

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DBGP spec on doesn't specify 
<value>...</value> tag for properties. That's why DbgpXmlParser doesn't 
support it. It's possible to modify DbgpXmlParser if using of  
<value>...</value> tag is a common situation for ActiveState debugging 
engines. I think you should submit a bug with detailed description of 
this problem.
Dmitriy Kovalev

Jae Gangemi wrote:
>   does anyone know if the dbgp spec defined what the property element 
> is supposed to look like when it contains the encoded  value data? the 
> spec  gives this:
> <property
>     name="short_name"
>     fullname="long_name"
>     type="data_type"
>     classname="name_of_object_class"
>     constant="0|1"
>     children="0|1"
>     size="{NUM}"
>     page="{NUM}"
>     pagesize="{NUM}"
>     address="{NUM}"
>     key="language_dependent_key"
>     encoding="base64|none"
>     numchildren="{NUM}">
> ...encoded Value Data...
> </property>
>   but it seems to leave open exactly how the encoded value data is 
> stored within the property element.
>   it seems that the active state's perl debugging engine returns a 
> property element that looks like this:
>   <property fullname="$num" name="$num" encoding="base64" 
> type="scalar" constant="0" children="0" size="5" >
>     <value encoding="base64">
>       <![CDATA[NQ==]]>
>     </value>
>   </property>
>   while the tcl implementation returns this:
>   <property name="$a" fullname="$a" type="string" size="1" 
> children="0" encoding="base64">
>     <![CDATA[Mw==]]>
>   </property>
>   the parseContent method in DbgpXmlParser does not look to see if the 
> property element has any grand children that may contain the value 
> instead.
> -- 
> -jae
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