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[Dltk-dev] Refactoring Support for Ruby


I've spent a few hours last week porting the refactoring plug-in we developed 
for RDT to DLTK (it really didn't take me much longer than a day :) ) and I'd 
like to hear your opinion about it (if you already now them from RDT there 
won't by anything new).

We currently provide the following list of refactorings and code generators:

- Override Method
- Extract Method
- Rename Class, Module, Method, Field, File and Local Variables
- Inline Class, Method and Local Variable
- Convert Local Variable to Field
- Split Local Variable
- Move Method and Field
- Generate Accessors, Contructor
- Merge Class Parts
- Push Down Method

Unfortunately, I had to modify the exported packages from the DLTK Ruby UI 
plug-in to export the formatting package, thus we cannot distribute the 
refactoring plug-in alone but have to add the whole DLTK. Well, at least the 
plug-in we modified. Maybe we can change this in the future, if you like the 
refactorings :-) 

You can get them from [1], just download and unzip into the Eclipse Europa 


Mirko & Peter


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