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RE: [Dltk-dev] Need Your Help Please

Hello Andrey,
first, thank you for your quick reply. second, about the source code: We'd like to know from where to start like we were looking for documentation to know the functionalities and which file is the starting point and which file does what?
Rails features: I think you know our project from Hisham ElHifnawi, my teammate, and he sent you our SRS document, please confirm if you received it. We will also try to develop features you already have (if there is enough time), as we checked DLTK Ruby out... good job, but we wrote a small feature list about what can be done to make it better.

Best Regards,

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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 20:05:53 +0700
Subject: RE: [Dltk-dev] Need Your Help Please

Hello Antwan,


We would be happy to help you guys, but please ask concrete questions related to source code or feature you’d like to implement. Without knowing of what you’d like to do we can not provide any help.


Kind Regards,



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Subject: [Dltk-dev] Need Your Help Please


this is antwan, a student in the american university in cairo and a member in the group working on building a plugin on DLTK Ruby to support Ruby on Rail. we just started by looking at your source code but in real we need your help. we need to know where shall we start because there are hundreds of files there, so we need your help to know from where should we start.
thank you very much for your support,
best regards,
Antwan Mesak


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