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Re: [Dltk-dev] Converting existing projects to DLTK

On 6/8/07, Daniel Spiewak <djspiewak@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
DLTK currently can't import RDT projects.  You'll have to recreate the
project as DLTK and import the raw sources.

I created a new project in DLTK then I tried to import a rails project
written with RDT but that didn't seem to well. I deleted the project
and created a new project, this time I copied all the files except the
.project and .buildpath and that didn't seem to work too well either.

As soon as the files are there the right click menus change as if it
was not a DLTK project at all.   What is the trick to this?

Also  do I have to manually add all the folders that have code in my
rails app or does the DLTK recurse through the entire project to find

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