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Re: [ditto-dev] Small Example of a digital twin of a Siemens S7 using PLC4X and Ditto

Hi Julian.


That’s awesome, thanks for sharing.

The integration of both PLC4X and Ditto Java client looks straight forward.


Does PLC4X also provide a “noticfication” API style?

So that one does not have to poll each 100ms, but register for changes and directly change the Ditto twin as a result.

I’m not at all familiar with PLC programming, so excuse me if that is a stupid question J


Could we add this example to the “ditto-examples” repo?


That way it would – from a Ditto side – be more prominent and cross-reference to the PLC4X project.

If yes, a PullRequest would be awesome J



Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Thomas Jaeckle

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Subject: [ditto-dev] Small Example of a digital twin of a Siemens S7 using PLC4X and Ditto


Hi folks,


I cross post this on both list, as I think these two projects are a perfect fit together.

I made a small example outlining how one could create a digital twin for a (real) PLC using Eclipse Ditto and Apache PLC4X.

Please feel free to ask questions or discuss your ideaas around that : )


Link (Twitter with Proof images from a REAL Simens S7):

Github Repo: (Apache Licensed, sorry Eclipse people, my heart simply belongs to Apache <3) : )




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