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[ditto-dev] Committer Election for Yannic Klem on Eclipse Ditto has started

A committer election for Yannic Klem on project Eclipse Ditto (iot.ditto) was
started by Thomas Jaeckle with this criteria:

Yannic is contributing to Eclipse Ditto for over a year now and provided some
major improvements to the project.
Besides many bugfixes and documentation improvements he brought some real
innovations to the codebase, e.g.:
- using Prometheus as metrics backend and harmonizing the way Ditto gathers
metrics (in PRs
- adding global serialization registries in order to simplify JSON
serialization/deserialization: and
- unifying the authentication mechanisms and preparing for better

Up to now, he provided 20 PullRequests:

He was also adding and improving examples, e.g.:
- how to integrate Eclipse Ditto with Hono:
- how to test the Ditto payload mapping:

Additionally he is actively answering Ditto related questions on
StackOverflow, e.g.:

We would like to welcome Yannic into the committer rank as he clearly is one
the most active contributors to the project.

Eclipse Ditto project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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