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[ditto-dev] Committer Election for Stefan Maute on Eclipse Ditto has started

A committer election for Stefan Maute on project Eclipse Ditto (iot.ditto)
was started by Thomas Jaeckle with this criteria:

Stefan is a very frequent contributor to Eclipse Ditto since already late
2017 with currently ~120 commits, see:
He did a lot of contributions towards Kubernetes deployment of Ditto and
being able to automate and operate Ditto really well.
Some of his bigger contributions were:
- add @Nullable annotation to all Exceptions where it was missing:
- changed ERROR_CODE of JsonParseException; deserialize description and href
for all exceptions where it wasn't done. adapted exceptions tests which
called .toString on a Optional:
- Removed distributed-cache from all services:
- Remove enforcement from ProxyActor and forward commands to concierge

As a team we trust in Stefan's ability to be a responsible committer as he
already does code-reviews in Ditto in his daily business.

Eclipse Ditto project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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