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Re: [dirigible-dev] Help with defective UI in Dirigible app
  • From: "Pavlov, Yordan" <yordan.pavlov@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2020 19:21:02 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: Help with defective UI in Dirigible app
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Hi Arthur,


Thanks for reaching out, we’ll be more than happy to help you on this!


From the screenshot it seems like an issue with the “Theme” service.


I’ve tried to reproduce the problem and I’ve found the issue, it seems that the “/services/v4/core/” path was missing from the “xs-app.json” file.

It seems also that the “@sap/approuter” dependency now have min version of 2.7.1.

Here are the commits that fixes these issues:


Now unfortunately you have to un-depeloy and deploy the application again:

  1. Pull the latest changes from:
    1. As of now you can keep the “runtimeDockerImageTag” to “latest” (until we release version 5.1.0), as it will bring the latest enhancements to the application template, used for generation:

                                                               i.      eclipse/dirigible/issues/571 - [EDM] Security Roles management the Entity/Property UIs

                                                             ii.      eclipse/dirigible/issues/572 - [Templates] Add support for required properties

                                                           iii.      eclipse/dirigible/issues/573 - [Templates] - Add support for pattern based validation

                                                           iv.      eclipse/dirigible/issues/576 - [Templates] - Add support for more widget types

                                                             v.      eclipse/dirigible/issues/577 - [Templates] - Add support for widget length

                                                           vi.      eclipse/dirigible/issues/578 - [Templates] - Add support for pattern hint

                                                          vii.      eclipse/dirigible/issues/579 - [Templates] - Add support for Color widget type

  1. You can un-deploy your application either from the SAP Cloud Cockpit, or from the Cloud Foundry CLI
    1. From the Cockpit it’s easier, just go to your subaccount -> space -> Applications and delete your application components (e.g. “dirigible” and “dirigible-runtime”)

    1. From the CLI you have to type the following commands (assuming that the <application-name> is dirigible):
      • cf delete dirigible
      • cf delete dirigible-runtime
  1. Follow the instructions on how to deploy from the


Shall you have 30-45 min on Monday or Tuesday, so we could setup a short call to help you with the update and to have a discussion?





From: Chinelato Arthur <arthur.chinelato@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sunday, 5 July 2020, 1:18
To: "dirigible-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx" <dirigible-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Help with defective UI in Dirigible app


Hello Yordan and Dirigible Team,


Hope you are doing well. I’ve successfully deployed the Dirigible at Cloud Foundry within SCP and now I’m using the Dirigible IDE for testing and PoC.

When I tried to reproduce my first app by creating an application using the template over my Entity Model, after publishing and executing the App, the UI/theme looks really messy/defective as per screenshot below.



Whereas in the Dirigible Tutorials, after activating and publishing the app it looks like this:


That leads me to believe that something is broken, but since I’m a beginner on all these topics, all I could do is to check the console to find out what could be missing.



Would you be so kind to suggest me what could be missing on my installation or maybe wrong with my application? I followed the same steps as per the tutorial, just my Entity Model is simpler than yours.

Just FYI, I’ve recently deleted/re-deployed the Eclipse Dirigible on the Cloud Foundry because the version I installed previously was not stable. I’m using 4.6.0 now.


Thanks a lot and Best Regards,

Arthur Chinelato, PSM I | Product Coordinator, Dep. Unit Manager


Mobile: +55 19 99138 2631

Telephone: +55 19 3514 1999

Email: arthur.chinelato@xxxxxxxxxx

Phoron 10 yearsPhoron do Brasil Ltda.
Rua Antonio Sergio Martins, 32
Centro - Vinhedo/SP

CEP 13280-148 | Imprint

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