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Re: [dirigible-dev] [ecd-pmc] Resolve CQ 15939

Hi Oliver,

> Maybe we can integrate our TOSCA Tooling with the components you are offering... :-)
This have to be explored deeper indeed! It can open much more scenarios, especially in the context of lifecycle management and operations of the applications built with Dirigible.

> Where do I find the source for that?
The original is here:
Our "port" here:

> Current state here: BPMN4TOSCA -> converter -> BPEL
We already have some similar cases.

Btw. How the Flowable engine integrations looks like (still in an initial state):


´╗┐On 23.03.18, 13:20, "ecd-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Oliver Kopp" <ecd-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of> wrote:

    Dear Nedelcho,
    2018-03-23 11:26 GMT+01:00 Delchev, Nedelcho <nedelcho.delchev@xxxxxxx>:
    > Let me give a bit more context of what we want to achieve in Dirigible with these tooling and engine integrations.
    Thank you for the intro. Think, I need to take a much more closer
    look! Also for our
    (I just filed
    Maybe we can integrate our TOSCA Tooling with the components you are
    offering... :-)
    > Why we have chosen Flowable so far and is it the only possible option for us? We made this decision, because within the team we have knowledge of Activiti, which now "become" Flowable, we use it in some projects, there are also a huge community of users behind it, and we are at the end quite happy with it.
    It's time to polish :)
    We used to use Camunda (also a variant of Activiti), because we have
    some knowledge there...
    (Side link: Camunda vs. Flowable vs. Activiti - pretty interesting -,Flowable,Activiti )
    > It comes with a Web based BPMN Modeler, which is quite good option for us, because we may save efforts to implement something by ourselves. So, this was the path leading to the Oryx project, which is internally used by Flowable.
    Where do I find the source for that? A quick look at did not discover it. The "designer" is the
    Eclipse-plugin (
    > You say that you are using Apache ODE for BPEL and you are working on a modelling tool for it, then this sounds quite interesting ;) To have BPEL engine along with a BPEL modeller in Dirigible as an alternative to the BPMN, looks quite appealing for me.
    Current state here: BPMN4TOSCA -> converter -> BPEL
    We worked on an Oryx-based BPEL editor, but did not completely finish
    it. The BPMN4TOSCA is an abstraction layer to make it easy to work on
    > I would propose to have an online meeting next week, to discuss it in more details and then to see how we can go further.
    > What do you think?
    Sure. See personal mail :)
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