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[dirigible-dev] MoM 2017-11-30


Participants Dragomir, Adriana, Assia, Georgi, Svetlin, Nedelcho

New features update

  • Support for 'identity' column type for H2, Derby, HANA next to Sybase
  • New release 3.0.2 - Maven Central only
  • New release 3.0.3 - Maven Central only
  • New release 3.0.4 - Maven Central only
  • New release 3.0.5 - Maven Central only


  • Minor fixes


  • "Open with" multiple editors support
  • Monaco integration tested successfully
  • Gathering the API movies sources
  • JSDoc and JavaDoc generation and publishing
  • Migration of the Discussion Boards application 2.x to 3.x
    • Missing IAM/Profile modules in 3.x
    • Authentication validation
    • Validation of the "method" aspect of the v3 Security Constraints



  • Security fixes



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