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[dirigible-dev] Release 2.7.1706008-R

Release 2.7.1706008-R

New version 2.7.1706008-R released.


  • Extensions Manager View
  • Enterprise _javascript_ API Improvements and Fixes
  • Dependencies for DataStructure artefacts
  • Deep folder structure support for generation from templates
  • Mater-Details templates
  • Markers on Map template
  • WebSockets Tunnel
  • Semantics on data files import - append, replace, delete
  • Cockpit Template
  • Security Fixes
  • Harmonising root folder for derby, repository and cmis
  • Coherent repository facade
  • Docker build fixes and improvements
  • AIR distribution introduction
  • Identity and Access Management Module
  • New themes - wendy and baroness
  • Zip Master Repository with Classloader support
  • Bug-fixes and Re-factoring



  • 230+ Downloads
  • 1800+ Trial Users
  • 30 000+ Unique Sessions
  • 81 000+ Unique Views
  • 160+ Countries
  • 200+ Repositories in DirigibleLabs


  • The full list of bug-fixes and enhancements can be found here.
  • The source code is available at GitHub repository here.
  • The instant trial is updated accordingly with the released version here.


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