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[dirigible-dev] MoM 2016-12-21


Adriana, Vladimir P., Yordan, Nedelcho, Georgi P., Dragomir

IP related

CQs for 2.7:

New features update

  • Release 2.7 Plan:
* Kubernetes integration and orchestration
* BizON integration for Domain Models
* Test Framework integration
* OpenUI5 templates
* Discussion board template
* Master-Detail templates
* Launchpad (extendable) template
* Cockpit (extendable) template
* Reports & Charts templates
* Git Simplified API
* Starter Kit


  • Minor fixes


  • Eclipse Converge NA 2017 participation
  • Site feedback [Adriana] - overall very positive; issues: lack of search, typos, abbreviations glossary

Approved session:

Enterprise _javascript_... what the heck?!



  • Dev cycle 2.7

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