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[dirigible-dev] MoM 2016-08-03


Rossi, Drago, Martin, Georgi P., Dimitar G., Nedelcho, Viktor, Hristo

IP related

All CQs for 2.5 are approved.

New features update

  • Students' summer practices passed successfully. Blog by the participants (Villy, Svilen, Dessi, Boris, Viktor) about their impressions will be posted soon.
  • Generation Services


  • TravisCI build fixed
  • Site improvements - high reuse
  • Debugging of _javascript_ - lots of fixes and improvements
  • Minor fixes


  • Catalog pages completed. Soon will be ready to be exposed - EclipseCon?



  • release 2.5


  • EclipseCon EU 2016 participation - two session got approved!
  • OpenFest participation - to be considered - business aspect or developer aspect? Workshop is preferred.
  • HackConf participation - to be considered

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