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[dirigible-dev] MoM 2016-06-22


Ekaterina, Rositsa, Yordan, Nedelcho, Martin, Pavel

IP related - in progress.

DirigibleLabs is approved.

New features update

  • Enterprise _javascript_ v0.1 added.


  • Minor fixes


  • JsonForms research and assessment - in progress. Extensions and integration points, styling, build, templates.
  • Integration of BPMN editor and engine (Activiti?). Isolation of the Modeler/Viewer and integration as an Dirigible Editor - on hold.
  • Social login to be researched for Trial, for building new communication channel (auto/subscription to dirigible-users mailing list). GitHub - primary focus.
  • Feedback from the Bath/England community. Thank You - Rob, Jamie T., Anthoni, Ban, Adam, Jamie M.!!!

Software looks cool & the website is pretty easy to use - I've used a couple of these in-browser development platforms before and they work really well, the only thing I find is that they're highly coupled towards working on one type of program, in this case data-driven app development and deployment which is great if it matches your workflow. The web IDE was quite slow for me - the synchronous AJAX/XHR requests were blocking the UI for me, so these should be restructured to run asynchronously & this would solve almost all of the performance issues. It’s definitely got promise!!! – Rob Farr

I’m creating a customer subscription manager for a tech support company, and having all that integration looks cool. – Jamie Thompson

Hard to read the logo and the text on this background. – Anthoni Yazgan

I like how it is clean. It’s easy to access information. White color behind text makes it easily inspected. I would only change the color of icons next to information text because the brown cloud icon looks like poop. – Ban Markovich

Quite positive all round really, except mobile side is a bit cramped for space, and some things could be more intuitive like "window" management. The panes are difficult to manipulate if you want to move/change them on the light ide. I guess some of the more complex eclipse functionality would be useful in the web editor too. For example, a lot of the keyboard short cuts, auto code generation, opening files by class names. Also, it is slow to load sometimes, but that's not really a functional thing. And it would be nice to see auto complete brackets, like typing { puts a } on the other side, so you don't need to close the brackets manually. – Adam Lassiter

Great idea to streamline development in a fast way and I love this idea! All the features it offers sound great for someone like me but even better for larger teams where testing and management is crucial. I like the fact it is open-source and readily accessible to anyone. The fact it integrates into already existing environments will really help attract developers. Website: Overall the design is really nice and clean; the fluidity of the website is great and makes it intuitive to use. It makes it clear what the product is and how it works and it's easy to dig into the documentation. Logo gives a clear connection to what the project is. Personally I found the placement of social media/repository icons a little too weird because it is mixed with the main content of the footer and not very clear. I also feel the main banner of the landing page to mix badly with the black and white theme but that could just be me. – Jamie Massey




  • EclipseCon EU 2016 participation - in progress.

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