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[dirigible-dev] MoM 2016-06-08


Ekaterina, Yordan, Nedelcho, Martin, Georgi

IP related

DirigibleLabs legal frame is going to be approved - in progress.

New features update

  • Updates and fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • JsonForms research and assessment - in progress. Extensions and integration points, styling, build, templates.
  • Integration of BPMN editor and engine (Activiti?). Isolation of the Modeler/Viewer and integration as an Dirigible Editor.
  • Open issues - usage of the delegate tasks/API - reference implementation.
  • API v2.0 definition - in progress:
  • Social login to be researched for Trial, for building new communication channel (auto/subscription to dirigible-users mailing list).
  • Assert API - to throw or not an exception on fail. Atomicity - the whole script or functions.




  • EclipseCon EU 2016 participation - in progress.

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