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[dirigible-dev] Scheduled Release 2.3 for Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hi Team,

The new release 2.3 has been scheduled for 2016/03/17.

The major focus is on the extensive testing, quality aspects and promotion materials of the features provided till 2.2 release.

Some of the newest ones:
  • Local (File System based) Repository added.
  • SQL Services added
  • Multiple DataSources support + Injected API + Code Completion + Preferences
  • Integration of MongoDB as NoSQL datasource
  • Local File System based Repository stabilisation and setting as default
  • Templating Service (Velocity syntax) + Injected API + Code Completion
  • Master Repository Provider concept
  • Git based Master Repository implementation
  • RDBMS based Master Repository implementation
  • File System (Shared FS) based Master Repository implementation
  • Hiding Activate (sandboxing) functionality by default
  • Adaptation of UI templates to use the widget types meta-data - date, integer and float
  • Custom templates feature in generation wizards
  • Java services isolation by root package
  • Datasources dialiects optimization
  • Integrate tabris.js for mobile applications support
  • Lightweight Web IDE - for easy code editing only
  • Run on Dirigible Button (e.g. GitHub)
  • Themes support for Registry UI
  • Docker image for Dirigible on Tomcat

Next few releases are also scheduled monthly. No milestones as preliminary delivery will be scheduled anymore to simplify the process for us and our users.

Any comments, suggestions for improvements are welcome as always.


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