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Re: [dirigible-dev] [orion-dev] Integration of Orion Editor in Dirigible

Hi Libing,


Thank you for the quick replay!


The details that you gave was really helpful and brings insight on what we are doing and how we can do it!


The way that we are currently setting breakpoints is this, which is not the most correct way J

var ruler = editorViewer.editor._annotationRuler;

var oldDblClick = ruler.onDblClick;

var addRemoveBookmark = function(lineIndex, e) {


oldDblClick.apply(ruler, [lineIndex, e]);


ruler._onDblClick_ = addRemoveBookmark;



If you want to try the debugging with dirigible, here you can find how this can be done [1].

Note that the instance that is running on the trial instance [2] is not with the latest sources.

If you want to run against the latest sources, please follow this guide [3].





[1] Debugging with Dirigible


[2] Dirigible Trial Instance


[3] Dirigible README



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Hi Yordan:
RE: Place the cursor on a certain line and highlight it
I've added a new chapter in the Code Edit Widget wiki page
Please refer to the run-able snippet there.

RE:  Handle event when breakpoint is set/removed
Could you tell me the details on the debug work flow related to the Code Edit Widget? I tried to use anonymous user and created a js file but it is readonly and I could not put my contents there.


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Hi Orion team
We want to replace the ACE  with the Orion editor, as a default one for Dirigible, before making a release in Eclipse.
We are almost done and the last thing that remains is the debugger.
What we want to do is the following:
·         Handle event when breakpoint is set/removed
·         Place the cursor on a certain line and highlight it
How we can do this?
I’ve search in google, but the only thing that I found was this event and it is not triggered:
The Orion version that we are using is – stable_20150817 -
Dirigible Project References:
The project site:
Eclipse page:
Help page:
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