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[dataeggs-dev] Terminating Eclipse DataEggs

Dear Technology PMC, dev list, 

This email is to let you know of my intention to terminate the Eclipse DataEggs [1, 3] project. Please let me elaborate on the reasons to do so:
* DataEggs relies on a tool (Alambic [2]) that will not be maintained anymore. 
* DataEggs relies on an external service (the server running Alambic) that has been decommissioned. Setting it up on another node proved to be.. very difficult.
* I won't have time to update the whole toolchain, and there is no other party interested in doing so either. 
* Although people initially seemed to see value in DataEggs, the project has not been widely used -- to my knowledge at least.


I'll be happy to answer any question you may have. 

Thank you, have a beautiful day!

Boris Baldassari

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