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Re: [dash-dev] IP Cleanliness question

Am 23.04.2012 21:01, schrieb Wayne Beaton:
> Good question.
> Go to the portal, select any project (it doesn't matter) in the "Eclipse
> Projects" component. Click on the "[pose] a question about general legal
> issue" option. That'll take you to the right place.
> (or just go here:
> https://dev.eclipse.org/ipzilla/enter_bug.cgi?product=IP&component=IP_Discussion
> <https://dev.eclipse.org/ipzilla/enter_bug.cgi?product=IP&component=IP_Discussion>)

Thanks a lot for your help! Only, I get nowhere... :-)

When I click "new" in ipzilla, I get "page has moved, go to the portal".
I did but there is nothing obviously related to CQ or IP processes on

When I try your link, I get: "Sorry, either the product IP does not
exist or you aren't authorized to enter a CQ into it." ...



> On 04/23/2012 02:40 PM, Aaron Digulla wrote:
>> Am 23.04.2012 19:59, schrieb Wayne Beaton:
>>> Sounds like a plan.
>> Since this is my first attempt to do this: That means I should open a CQ
>> request on ipzilla, right?
>> What project should I select? eclipse.platform?
>>>> How about I open an IP request so the lawyers can give a nod to the
>>>> rule? This would create a simple, safe solution for all Eclipse
>>>> developers because I bet that I wasn't the first one to wonder - I was
>>>> just the first one who dared to ask :-)
>> Regards,
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