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[dash-dev] ant tasks needed to drive e4 builds

I'd like to solicit help with the e4 builds.

Build project:

Right now org.eclipse.e4.builder/scripts/ launches the
e4 builds.  It uses org.eclipse.e4.builder/builder/general as the
builder (we build against a master feature, org.eclipse.e4.master) and
copies/modifies templates from org.eclipse.e4.builder/templates to
generate the published download site.

But a number of artifacts are generated by the script, the tests are
run from the script, the difference between test builds and published
builds are controlled by the scripts, etc.  That makes this very much
a linux only build.  Plus, it also must consume 4 zipped repos (using
repo2runnable) that must be provided, for example:

I'd like help to convert most of what the bash script does to an ant
driven build.  The goal would be that a test build could be launched
from within eclipse on any of the platforms.

If anyone can help please join in the discussion (or with patches! :-)

Paul Webster
Hi floor.  Make me a sammich! - GIR

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