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Re: [dali-dev] JPQL query plans?

Hi Tom,

I updated the bug to respond to most of your questions. Adding validation and code completion for JPQL queries would indeed be great features, but do present some challenges. It is possible that validation could be accomplished by hooking into a given runtime to provide at least basic query validation. There are some possibilities here with leveraging EclipseLink for this functionality, or plugging into a given runtime through some extension mechanism. Code completion is the most challenging, given that a custom JPQL parser may need to be built for this purpose, which is a huge effort.

So, we are open to the idea of supporting these features, and are welcoming any contributions in this area. : ) Currently this support isn't planned for our 2.0 release. You may want to enter some bugs for these in bugzilla.


Tom Mutdosch wrote:
Hi all,

Could someone expound a bit on the JPQL NamedQuery UI support being added for:

I am interesting in some of the details. Is this referring to being able to add/edit the queries via the JPA Property Views? Regarding item #1 from comment 4, what are Query Hints? Is this referring to code completion? I also see query validation mentioned there as well. I am interested in this as well, as I have some tooling that lets you enter in a JPQL query; I would like to be able to offer code-completion and validation of these queries. If this is something that Dali is adding, including a proper JPQL parser, I'd like to suggest to keep in mind possible extender usage of those functions, as I think it would be a big help. There's currently no good JPQL support anywhere (only SQL parsers/validation) so any addition in the base tools for this would definitely be welcome. So I was mainly just curious as to Dali's plans (current and future) with regards to query tooling.

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