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[cross-project-issues-dev] Fwd: Fwd: Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Progress review and Restructuring review


please see the e-mail from Wayne below. To alleviate some pressure from the Eclipse BPMN2 project, I agree with the idea of removing the project from the release train.

Best regards

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Subject: Re: Fwd: Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Progress review and Restructuring review
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2024 14:28:11 -0500
From: Eclipse Management Office EMO <emo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Ralph Soika <ralph.soika@xxxxxxxxx>
CC: Paul Leacu <pleacu@xxxxxxxxxx>, planger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, tortmayr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Ralph.

My thinking is that we should keep the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler project around for the time-being. But we do need to move it out of SOA so that we can proceed with termination of that top-level project. Speaking on behalf of the Eclipse Technology PMC, we'd be happy to take on responsibility for oversight of the project (that is, move the project to the Eclipse Technology Top-Level Project). If you're okay with that, we can initiate the process.

This change shouldn't have any practical impact. We don't move repositories or anything like that. Basically, a different PMC will approve any committer election you might have in the future.

Regarding participation in the simultaneous release... that's between you and the Eclipse IDE Planning Council. If it is your intention to withdraw from the simultaneous release, announce that intention on the cross-project-issues-dev mailing list and magic will happen.

Please let me know (with a +1) that moving to the Eclipse Technology Top-Level Project is acceptable.


On Mon, Feb 12, 2024 at 4:14 AM Ralph Soika <ralph.soika@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Maria,

yes, it makes sense to talk about the project status ;-)

I am currently the only developer in this project and took it over from Paul and its precursor Robert Brodt. I updated the project the last years to align it to new plugin versions and to be able to travel by the release-train. But the project in it's core did not have evolved a lot over the years. This isn't a big problem as BPMN 2.0 is a very stable standard. And so there is nothing wrong or outdated with the core modelling tool. 

But on the other hand - yes the project is very old. It is based on EMF and GEF and it's code base is very complex and hard to maintain. For that I decided two years ago to start a new BPMN project based on Eclipse-GLSP and Eclipse Theia.

Eclipse-GLSP offers a much more modern and broader modelling approach. With the Language-Server-Concept the modelling tool can be now extended and integrated in various ways and we have much better support from the very active Eclipse GLSP Team like you can see in the glsp discussion forum.

This new BPMN modeller runs with Eclipse Theia but can also be integrated in Eclipse IDE. I am still working on this part. You can find more information about the project on the Open-BPMN project site.

So I'm thinking too about how to go ahead with the Eclipse BPMN2 Project. Maybe it is possible replacing it with the new BPMN Modeler based on Eclipse GLSP... But it doesn't necessarily have to be part of the release train in the future. I took Philip Langer and Tobias Ortmayr into CC to give them the option to participate in this discussion. They are not directly involved in the BPMN topic but can bring valuable input if we talk about modelling questions in general. And as always with open source, everything is connected to everything else ;-)

Best regards


On 08.02.24 19:39, Eclipse Management Office EMO wrote:
Hi Paul, Ralph, 
as PLs of the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler project I'm forwarding the attached email that I just sent to the project's dev-list.
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Kind regards,
Maria Teresa Delgado

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Eclipse Management Office EMO <emo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, Feb 8, 2024 at 12:36 PM
Subject: Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Progress review and Restructuring review
To: <bpmn2-modeler-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear Project team, 

I would like to inform you that the EMO has planned a progress review on behalf of the project team, which will be integrated with a restructuring review for the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler project.

In recent developments, the EMO has commenced the retirement process for the SOA Top Level Project and its associated PMC. As the Eclipse Winery project is currently under their purview, it is crucial for us to determine the project's new placement once the SOA TLP ceases to exist.

We'll be using GitLab to track the status of the restructuring/progress review:

Please comment or subscribe to notifications to stay up-to-date.

Kind regards,

Maria Teresa Delgado

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