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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] ACTION REQUIRED: Acceleo, Sirius, EMF Compare, CDO, GEF 5, RCPTT

Hello Ed,

You've raised issues for the Guava versions, but I expect you're trying to get rid of all duplicates.

From what I'm seeing, you've removed the 4.7 version of antlr from the latest orbit build - which only contains antlr 4.13. This version is not used by anyone according to . Moving from one version of antlr to the next is not a trivial task, so I (and probably the other users of antlr 4.7), would like to avoid that.

You mention that "The 4.x versions are available as OSGi bundles" ( What does that mean?

Now, what I'm planning to do for Acceleo is to retrieve antlr from the older orbit (2023-09), so there will remain older versions of that dependency in 2023-12 RC1.

With how orbit looks now, what is the expectation for dependencies such as antlr which are not easily updateable? How do we re-add older versions if we need them?


Le 17/11/2023 à 11:46, Ed Merks via cross-project-issues-dev a écrit :
I now have a first hit list.  Old guava versions will be eliminated:

If you do not eliminate all dependencies on older versions of guava via an updated contribution, then I reserve the option, and am likely to excise the option, to disable your contribution, without further notification.

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