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[cross-project-issues-dev] Staging for SimRel 2023-12 M3 is Complete

The staging repository content of

has been promoted to the following repository for 2023-12 M3:

This is ready for consumption by EPP.

It will become visible in the composite as scheduled Friday, November 17, 2023:


We are up to 38 duplicates.  This is clearly going completely in the wrong direction. 

Some of these duplicates are to be expected because they involve major version differences (API breakage) that cannot necessarily be accommodated by the consumers.   But many are different minor versions and are present simply because way too many projects are just not bothering to contribute new builds.  This is super unfair to the great many projects that are actively updating their dependencies.  This will need to change in the next release cycle.  I will be preparing a list of projects that will be removed.  I will send an announcement, with a link to the issue.  But it's clear that folks often don't read what I write and folks often don't even respond on issues that are opened for their projects.  This is beyond unacceptable not just for SimRel but for an Eclipse project in general.

This prototype report computes the liveliness of each project:

I will use this to compile my hit list. For those of you contributing stale content and that locks in stale older dependencies, you are at the top of my hit list for removal.  If you are downstream from such project, you need to consider not being downstream from that project or consider contributing to that project.   For example, it appears that Graphiti is in a coma and that we might need to pull the plug:


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