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[cross-project-issues-dev] Staging for SimRel 2023-12 M2 is Complete

The staging repository content of

has been promoted to the following repository for 2023-12 M2:

This is ready for consumption by EPP.

It will become visible in the composite as scheduled Friday, October 27, 2023:


Did you know that I am slowly losing my patience? 

The duplicates are trending in the wrong direction and to a large extent it's because projects are simply not contributing new builds.  

If you see your project's content selected below, you are a problem:

If nothing else on SimRel depends on your content, consider yourself slated for removal.

Simply going silent, as in the following issue, is just not acceptable for a SimRel project, nor for an open-source Eclipse project for that matter:

GEF non-classic will need to be removed from SimRel sooner or later, so consider this the last warning.

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