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[cross-project-issues-dev] Orbit Restructuring Complete: Orbit pre-m2 Available Now

A pre-m2 milestone update site for Orbit is available now:

The restructuring of orbit is mostly complete.  Details along with information helpful for your migration efforts are available here:

Please use that discussion, not the mailing list, for any questions you might have.

Everything you need in terms of 3rd party bundles should be available at the above update site.  If that appears not to be the case, I need to know about it soon rather than later.  Note that if you complain about missing bundles, and I determine that you didn't actually read what I wrote in the above link, I'll ignore you for at least a week.


If you use batik, there is a new improved version and org.eclipse.orbit.xml-apis-ext is its new best friend.  If you have fragment/classpath hacks for batik, probably you can remove them.

If you use guava, there's a new improved 32.1.3.jre version.   Duplicates are guava old worst enemy.


If you use jetty but not 12.x, you're maybe screwed.  You can get it here if you wish:

You might be screwed anyway depending on what you need/use:

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