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[cross-project-issues-dev] Fwd: [epp-dev] EPP 2023-09 M2

The website update arrived.


Did you know that the EF IT staff is doing really cool new things to empower us?  They want every project with GitHub repositories to have its own GitHub organization because the eclipse organization is awfully crowed:

So if you don't already have one, you should ask for one:

If you do already have your own organization, but you don't already have a .eclipsefdn repository, ask for one ASAP. Everyone who's anyone has one because it's awesome and cool and lets you manage your organization yourself!

Be empowered.  Make your organization look pretty, professional, and well organized:

You can look at how other projects manage their organization via otterdog and make self-service changes for your own organization, e.g.,

Need to add a git repository?  Do it yourself!  How does it work?  Find out more:

Ask for more:

Remember that organizational changes need the approval of the project lead, so be sure to include in your .eclipsefdn pull requests a link to an issue or discussion demonstrating the team lead's agreement on the proposed change.

Thank you EF IT staff for doing things we didn't know to ask!

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Subject: Re: [epp-dev] EPP 2023-09 M2
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2023 15:08:59 -0400
From: Olivier Goulet <olivier.goulet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Eclipse Packaging Project <epp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
CC: Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi everyone,

The M2 release should be up on the website. Here is the url:


On Fri, Aug 4, 2023 at 6:05 AM Ed Merks via epp-dev <epp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I regenerated the catalogs and used the installer to create a committers package along with an Oomph development environment setup.  Everything worked like a charm (on Windows 10).

On 04.08.2023 04:28, Jonah Graham via epp-dev wrote:
Hi everyone,

Our next milestone build is available for testing: EPP 2023-09 M2

The CPP and EmbedCPP packages have not successfully notarized for macOS due to new unsigned jnilib content - see for details.

I have been following the steps on - you can see the checkmarks as to what is done.

Download link:

EPP was built with the p2 repositories at: and

Please test and send your +1 to this mailing list. +1s are optional as the package will be published anyway.

Last +1 received for each package and platform (apologies if I missed one of your +1 emails, just let me know and I will update Last Recorded +1)

committers - 2023-06 RC2
cpp - 2023-06 RC2
dsl - 2023-06 RC2
embedcpp - 2023-06 RC2
java - 2023-06 RC2
jee - 2023-06 RC2
modeling - 2023-06 RC2
parallel - 2022-03 RC2 (tested by Ed in 2023-03 RC2)
php - 2023-06 RC2
rcp - 2023-06 RC2
scout - 2023-06 RC2

Linux x86_64 - 2023-06 RC2
Linux aarch64 - 2023-06 RC2
Windows - 2023-06 RC2
macOS x86_64 - 2023-06 RC2
macOS aarch64 - 2023-06 RC2

Thank you for testing!

Jonah Graham (he/him)
Kichwa Coders

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