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[cross-project-issues-dev] Project Release Records


It's quickly coming to that point in time when Wayne send out a list of participating projects release records.

In anticipation of this, I've generated a markdown report with those details from the SimRel.aggran.

Please review the details for your project in that report.   All you need to do to fix any discrepancies is to create a release record for your project's PMI;  note each project name in the report is a link to exactly the page where you can create a new release record.  The release date should be on or before June 14th for the analyzer to find it automatically.   If you'd like to to regenerate the report, just ping me on the issue, rather than spaming this list...

The report also shows the date of the most recent release record (on before the 2023-06 release date) and it's shown as strike-out text if that's more than 90 days old.

For those interested, there is an SVG of the project dependency graph attached to the above report...


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