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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Staging for SimRel 2023-06 M1 is Complete

Good Morning everyone,

I didn't notice that earlier, sorry for that.

Yes, we (RAP) didn't contribute an M1 build yet, mostly because it is not yet ready with the many required Java, Maven, Tycho version changes, and some of our test cases are still failing.
Therefore I created change 201201 in Gerrit that temporarily disables our contribution together with the dependent single EMF-RAP feature for M1. If a respin is okay I would proceed and merge that change.


On Thu, 13 Apr 2023 at 08:45, Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


As I was about to send out the note below, but I thought, let me have look at the reported duplicates:

Oh my goodness, up to 55!  Worse still, there are two versions of Jetty and even two versions of some of the Platform's bundles:

Why is that?

RAP needs the older version because it has not contributed a new build for M1.  Nor can I find a more recent build than the 3.24 release here:

I'm not sure the resulting repository is really consumable for EPP.  Certainly the RAP package is unlikely to work...

So I suspect a respin will be needed...


The staging repository content of

has been promoted to the following repository for 2023-06 M1: /202304141000/

This is ready for consumption by EPP.

Baring a respin, it will become visible in the composite as scheduled Friday April, 14th, 2023:


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