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[cross-project-issues-dev] Pushing plugins in maven style, which repository to use?

Dear all,

in the context of a collaboration with OBEO, we have dependencies from a non-OSGI project to Eclipse plugins, notably Papyrus SW designer and UML2. This means that we cannot use the available p2 update sites.

In case of Papyrus SW designer, we pushed a snapshot via a "mvn clean deploy" to a subfolder in [1]. In case of UML2, we entered into a discussion what should be the right repository to use, see [2] . The resulting questions are

- Which is the recommended repository and sub-folder for pushing plugins? Is that maven central?

- Do jenkins jobs running on have the right to push/deploy to this repository? This is the case for, but likely not for others

- Is there a particular setup to do (besides adding distributionManagement tags to pom.xml)?

Sorry, if these questions have already been asked, but I could find the information.

Best regards



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