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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] running UI tests in JIRO

On 2022-12-12 02:17, Lorenzo Bettini wrote:
Actually, a few days later, I had found the solution myself. I hadn't answered to the list because, since nobody cared answering I thought nobody cared at all about the matter...

That assumption is most unfortunate. Even if it were true that no one cared "right now" (because everyone is busy "right now"), posting the solution as you've done helps others find a solution to this issue later on.

I'd say, please file an issue for the missing documentation. It is worth it.


Anyway, 'centos-7' provides metacity so I solved my problems.

The real issue is that this is not documented anywhere, unless I missed some hidden pages... the fact you ask me to create a ticket seems to imply that you (Eclipse) don't know that either?

I can create a ticket about the missing documentation if you think it's worthwhile.

On 07/12/22 18:43, Frederic Gurr wrote:

Please create a HelpDesk issue for this:



On 24.11.22 18:04, Lorenzo Bettini wrote:

please forgive me if I'm using the wrong list, but I'd need some help for running UI (SWTBot tests) in JIRO (for EMF Parsley). I can run tests with Xvnc without problems (both in centos-7 and centos-8). However, for some specific SWTBot tests, I think I need a real Window Manager, e.g., icevm or metacity. Is there any specific "inheritFrom" I can use? I cannot seem to find this information anyway, sorry.

Thanks in advance

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