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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] 2022-12 participating projects page

had a look at the code, xpand is an optional dependency for some xtext parts.
so it is basically just providing 3 plugins
and not participating as a whole project

Am 03.12.22 um 06:55 schrieb Christian Dietrich:

I am not sure if Xpand  is still actively participating and/or if it is used anywhere at all.


Am 02.12.22 um 23:11 schrieb Wayne Beaton:
Greetings folks!

I've assembled the list of participating projects
<> for the Eclipse IDE 2022-12
Simultaneous release.

As is my tradition, I've tried to pick the releases that best match my
understanding of what bits you're actually including in the release.

Please have a look and validate that I've gotten your project(s) right. Let
me know (via this list) if I've messed anything up.

Some things that I've noticed.

Eclipse *DLTK* shows a version 6.2 in the aggrcon file, but there's no
corresponding release record. There's only a handful of updates, so I
created a "6.2" release record and marked it as a "service release". If
it's actually a minor release that provides more than bug fixes, contact
EMO ASAP to request an expedited progress review (AFAICT all third party
intellectual property is properly accounted for, so a progress review
should be relatively straightforward).

The aggrcon file for the Eclipse *Extended Editing Framework* shows a
version range of [1.5.0,1.6.0) which, AFAICT is pulling version 1.5.1 into
the builds. That release came out in 2015. The project has had several
releases since. It seems... odd... to have a release this old when newer
ones are available.

Please note...

The Eclipse *Mylyn* project has been collapsed and moved under the Eclipse
Tools TLP. Eclipse Mylyn dropped out of the simultaneous release a few
iterations ago, but Eclipse *Mylyn Docs* has stuck around.

As part of collapsing the Eclipse Mylyn subprojects into the parent, the
assets of the Eclipse Mylyn Docs project were absorbed into the parent and
Eclipse Mylyn Docs now effectively ceases to exist (the project is still
marked as being active, but we'll take care of that shortly).

The net is that you'll notice that Eclipse Mylyn Docs is gone and Eclipse
Mylyn is back. I created a release record in Eclipse Mylyn titled "Docs
3.0.42" to reflect the content that the aggrcon file shows as included in
the simultaneous release repository.

To be clear... to the best of my knowledge, Eclipse Mylyn is not back yet.
The changes shown in the project list are entirely

I trust that somebody will let me know if I've made a horrible, horrible


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