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[cross-project-issues-dev] Staging for SimRel 2022-12 RC1 is Complete

The staging repository content of

has been promoted to the following repository for 2022-12 RC1:

This is ready for consumption by EPP.

It will become visible in the composite as scheduled Friday, November 25, 2022:


The unsigned content has been reduced from 358 for M3:

to 137 for RC1

I'm still waiting for BPMN2, DLTK, and Parsely to contribute a new builds to eliminate their unsigned features.   I know the intent is to provide them, but waiting until RC2 is far less than ideal.    Please provide updates ASAP. 


For those interested, I've attached the graph of project dependencies as an SVG.  The brighter the red color, the longer it has been since the  project's *.aggrcon was modified.

Also, soon Wayne will present his list of project release records for 2022-12 participants.  Below is what I currently compute.  If what's below is not correct for your project, please create a release record with a release date on or before December 7th.  Take note of other inconsistencies too, e.g., Eclipse Collections has a 11.0.1 release but is actually contributing to SimRel 11.0.0 release.

Eclipse Acceleo ->
Eclipse ATL ->
Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project ->
Eclipse Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle ->
Eclipse Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN2) ->
Eclipse CDO Model Repository ->
Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) ->
Eclipse Collections ->
Eclipse Communication Framework ->
Eclipse Data Tools Platform ->
Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit ->
Eclipse e(fx)clipse ->
Eclipse EclEmma ->
Eclipse Ecore Tools ->
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse ->
Eclipse Embedded CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) ->
Eclipse EMF ->
Eclipse EMF Client Platform ->
Eclipse EMF Compare ->
Eclipse EMF Parsley ->
Eclipse EMF Services ->
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF) ->
Eclipse GMF Runtime ->
Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) ->
Eclipse Graphiti ->
Eclipse Jetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server ->
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git ->
Eclipse JustJ ->
Eclipse Linux Tools ->
Eclipse LSP4E ->
Eclipse LSP4J ->
Eclipse Marketplace Client ->
Eclipse Maven Integration - m2eclipse ->
Eclipse MDT UML2 ->
Eclipse MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition) ->
Eclipse Memory Analyzer ->
Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine ->
Eclipse MoDisco ->
Eclipse Mylyn Docs ->
Eclipse Nebula - Supplemental Widgets for SWT ->
Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language) ->
Eclipse Oomph ->
Eclipse Orbit Project ->
Eclipse Packaging Project ->
Eclipse Papyrus ->
Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) ->
Eclipse Passage ->
Eclipse PHP Development Tools ->
Eclipse Project ->
Eclipse QVT Operational ->
Eclipse QVTd (QVT Declarative) ->
Eclipse RCP Testing Tool ->
Eclipse RedDeer ->
Eclipse Remote Application Platform ->
Eclipse Scout ->
Eclipse Sirius ->
Eclipse SWTBot ->
Eclipse Target Communication Framework ->
Eclipse Target Management: Terminal and Remote System Explorer (RSE) ->
Eclipse TM4E - TextMate support in the Eclipse IDE ->
Eclipse Trace Compass ->
Eclipse Tycho ->
Eclipse User Storage Service SDK ->
Eclipse VIATRA ->
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project ->
Eclipse Wild Web Developer ->
Eclipse WindowBuilder ->
Eclipse Xpand ->
Eclipse Xtext ->
Eclipse XWT ->


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