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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Staging for SimRel 2022-12 M3 is Complete (ATTENTION ECF and GEF)


That's great!

I've been helping a bit with bpmn2's build so that's in the works.

Dawid promised dltk and pdt.

I opened this for ecf and am trying to help fix it:

I fixed the e(fx)clipse problem (in gef's contribution) myself by contributing the already-existing latest release repository.

And parsely is in the works too.

So minimally that will eliminate all the unsigned features, which is my primary goal because I cannot work around that problem with PGP signatures currently...

If anyone needs help, please ask on my direct email.


On 17.11.2022 14:40, Pierre-Charles David wrote:
Le 17/11/2022 à 09:26, Ed Merks a écrit :
Note that each such repository contains the generated report for that repository, e.g.,

We are making very good progress toward eliminating the bundles and features with outdated signatures eliminating almost 1/2 of them so far!  Thanks to those of you who took immediate action to date!!

I'm still anticipating new builds for bpmn2, dltk, eef, and parsely.

It should be OK for EEF now, we just contributed a new service release:

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