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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] ACTION REQUIRED: Houston We Have a Problem

Le 14/11/2022 à 13:43, Ed Merks a écrit :

These projects need to do new builds:

  • org.eclipse.acceleo
  • org.eclipse.bpmn2
  • org.eclipse.dltk
  • org.eclipse.ecf
  • org.eclipse.eef
  • org.eclipse.emf.edapt
  • org.eclipse.emf.parsley
  • org.eclipse.fx
  • org.eclipse.gmf
  • org.eclipse.mylyn
  • org.eclipse.uml2

I think GMF should be fixed. I've just contributed a new build of GMF Notation (GMF Runtime was already recent enough).

For EEF, we've removed the old generation "EEF 1.5", and a new version of the current 2.1.x stream should be contributed soon.

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