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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Current Simrel repo inconsistent?

Christian, please report it here:

I assume SDK build doesn't see the error for some obscure reason.

Am 6. August 2022 08:05:16 MESZ schrieb Christian Dietrich <christian.dietrich@xxxxxxxxx>:
>as you can see in screenshot platform depends to batik depends to xmlgraphics depends to io
>we depend on only
>git clone
>cd xtext-reference-projects
>adding a dependency to orbits explicitely helps
>Am 06.08.22 um 07:49 schrieb Andrey Loskutov:
>> See and for the current case
>> There must be also some dependencies in your build that need which is no more available in SDK itself (well, it's there but under another symbolic name and probably different osgi metadata).
>> Am 6. August 2022 07:17:08 MESZ schrieb Christian Dietrich <christian.dietrich@xxxxxxxxx>:
>>> *hi, anybody have an idea whats broken here? 21:33:56*   [ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:
>>> *21:33:56*   [ERROR]   Software being installed: 4.25.0.v20220728-1800
>>> *21:33:56*   [ERROR]   Missing requirement: org.apache.xmlgraphics 2.6.0.v20210409-0748 requires 'java.package; 1.3.1' but it could not be found
>>> *21:33:56*   [ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: org.apache.batik.css 1.14.0.v20210324-0332 depends on: java.package; org.apache.xmlgraphics.java2d.color 2.2.0
>>> *21:33:56*   [ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: 4.25.0.v20220727-1405 depends on: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; org.apache.batik.css [1.14.0.v20210324-0332,1.14.0.v20210324-0332]
>>> *21:33:56*   [ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: 4.25.0.v20220728-1800 depends on: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; [4.25.0.v20220727-1405,4.25.0.v20220727-1405]
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