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[cross-project-issues-dev] Switch docker images for CI builds to Ubuntu LTS


Our current default docker images for CI builds are:

* basic (Debian 10)
* centos-7 (CentOS 7)
* centos-8 (CentOS 8)

Since CentOS switched to a rolling release (CentOS Stream), we would like to switch to Ubuntu LTS based default images. Ubuntu LTS based images are also an industry standard for CI build images (e.g. GitHub-hosted runners).

Projects are still free to use custom tailored docker images. This only affects the default images provided by each CI instance.

Please let us know if there are any concerns, questions, etc and comment on



Frederic Gurr
Team Lead - Release Engineering | Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH

Berliner Allee 47, D-64295 Darmstadt
Handelsregister: Darmstadt HRB 92821
Managing Directors: Gaƫl Blondelle, Mike Milinkovich, Michael Plagge

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