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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [epp-dev] EPP 2022-09 M1


I fix the problem in the aggregator (a *.pack.gz is no longer processable by the latest p2 but the aggregator was treating it as the canonical artifact instead of the *.jar as it should), built a  new version of staging using the fixed aggregator, and promoted staging to:

Note the 202207151001 versus 202207151000.

I also changed the script that composes the release composite such that it only contains the (one) most recent child, so the broken 202207151000 will not be in the composite when it's made visible later today as scheduled.

While testing the installer, I made the mistake of creating an installation that uses Java 11 and of course the tm4e bundles don't start in that case.  So I changed all the product definitions to require Java 17:

The train also contains some really old content so that these certificate prompts come up for such very old certificates:

When installing everything, I see wiring problems that appear to be caused by multiple versions of (two versions on the train) and (three versions  on the train).  In particular these failures:

I'll need to investigate these further.

But if you see your project above, it's better to use the latest version to avoid this possible installation configuration with multiple versions:

We're doing poorly on duplicates with this now:

And this in 2022-06:

And as we see above, this can and does lead to wiring problems in some cases...


On 15.07.2022 02:52, Jonah Graham wrote:
Hi everyone,

Our next milestone build is available for testing: EPP 2022-09 M1

While the EPP is ready for testing, please see the email I sent to cross-project-issues-dev about my concern with the SimRel repo contents. There may be more consequences than what I have highlighted in that email that we are not familiar with yet.

I have been following the steps on - you can see the checkmarks as to what is done.

Download link:

EPP was built with the p2 repositories at: and

Please test and send your +1 to this mailing list. +1s are optional as the package will be published anyway.

Last +1 received for each package and platform (apologies if I missed one of your +1 emails, just let me know and I will update Last Recorded +1)

committers - 2022-06 RC2
cpp - 2022-06 RC2
dsl - 2022-06 RC2
embedcpp - 2022-06 RC2
java - 2022-06 RC2
jee - 2022-06 RC2
modeling - 2022-06 M3
parallel - 2022-03 RC2
php - 2020-12 RC2 (tested by Ed in 2022-03 RC2)
rcp - 2022-06 RC2
scout - 2022-06 RC1

Linux x86_64 - 2022-06 RC2
Linux aarch64 - 2022-06 RC2
Windows - 2022-06 RC2
macOS x86_64 - 2022-06 RC2
macOS aarch64 - 2022-06 RC2

Thank you for testing!

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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