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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Multiple version of in the 2022-06 simrel


This is something that has always puzzled me.

If reverting to an old installation then that old installation must have existed and so must have had all the requisite plugins in place. These do not appear to be deleted when upgrading so surely reverting should not need to access any repo at all. Everything that is needed is in place in the installation tree; just needs the configuration to pick the correct plugins. Reverting should therefore be much faster and much more reliable. Further copies of everything are probably also available in OOMPH's p2 repo or in the user's manual ZIPs and their origin could be cached in the configuration.

Perhaps as a security check there could be a checksum of each plugin to diagnose when an upgrade overwrites a plugin.


        Ed Willink

On 11/06/2022 15:45, Michael Keppler wrote:
As Ed wrote, reverting was the only way to fix your IDE, when a milestone was broken. And for reverting you need the old update site. I've done that multiple times. However, since oomph this is probably not needed anymore, since we are now used to just doing the installation again. With that in mind, it might be possible to get rid of composite milestone update sites.

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