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[cross-project-issues-dev] 2022-06 Participation Page

Greetings Simultaneous Release Committers!

It's that time of quarter (actually I think that I'm at least several weeks late this time), where we have a quick look at the list of projects that are participating in this iteration of the simultaneous release.

I believe that what I've captured on the 2022-06 release page accurately reflects the information in the simrel (aggregator) repository. Let me know if I've gotten anything wrong.

I've noted the following:

Eclipse Mylyn is marked as disabled in its aggrcon file, so I've removed it from the participating projects list. Eclipse Mylyn Docs still has an active aggrcon file, so it remains.

There's been recent work on Eclipse DLTK, but no updates to the aggrcon file. Is what we have listed on the page accurate?

Eclipse Linux Tools needs a release record for 8.7. According to our records, the project engaged in a successful review in December 2021, so no further ceremony is required (that is, no release review or IP Log review is required).

The aggrcon file for Eclipse Maven Integration for Web Tools shows a new service release with no corresponding release record. The project team can, at their discretion, create a release record for the new service release (or not). Note that a restructuring review is scheduled (to conclude after this release) to merge Eclipse Maven Integration for Web Tools into the Eclipse Maven Integration project; the result being that the subproject will cease to exist and there will be one fewer projects listed in the next release, but the corresponding functionality will remain.

Is it time for Eclipse LSP4e, Eclipse LSP4j, Eclipse TM4E and Eclipse Wild Web Developer to graduate?

While I have your attention... Please take note that a revision to the Eclipse Foundation's IP Policy is being delivered to the Board of Directors for their approval. Our expectation is that the revision will be approved and go into effect at the end of July 2022. There will be corresponding changes to the IP Due Diligence Process. We've started capturing the related work (which includes the retirement of IPZilla) in a Eclipse Help Desk Issue. There's a presentation attached to the issue that describes the IP Policy changes. Please post any questions you have on that issue or one of the issues that it references.



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation

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