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[cross-project-issues-dev] Java 17 as BREE in SimRel starting in 2022-09 release

Hi folks,

Starting with 2022-09 release projects contributing to the SimRel will be permitted to have BREE up to and including Java 17. For 2022-06 the maximum BREE is Java 11. The Eclipse EPP packages already include Java 17 (some since 2021-12, all except Scout since 2022-03). 

The SimRel release requirements[1] have been updated following approval at last weeks Planning Council meeting[2]. Thank you Mickael and the TM4E project for highlighting this issue with plenty of time to plan and prepare for this[3].

Quoting from [1] this is the entry in the release requirements:

Execution Environment (partially tested)

All plug-ins (that contain Java code) must correctly specify their Bundle Required Execution Environment (BREE). Resource-only bundles do not need a BREE since it doesn't matter which version of Java they are used with.

    • The maximum BREE up to and including the 2022-06 release is Java 11.
    • Starting in 2022-09, BREE up to and including Java 17
    • Starting in 2024-06, BREE up to and including Java 21 (assuming Java 21 remains the LTS release and it is released in Sept 2023 as currently planned)
    • and going forward the first Eclipse SimRel release to allow an LTS will be 6-9 months later.



Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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