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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Sorry, entering a bug into the product JDT has been disabled.,

On 17.04.22 12:46, Ed Merks wrote:
The message could be improved by redirecting here:

It sounds like the PMI needs attention too...


Anybody with a bookmark on or even will simply learn that JDT is no longer accepting bug reports. End of story. I thought open source development is all about communication. Never too old to learn better. I'm glad I no longer feel responsible for any of this, otherwise I'd have trouble avoiding any bad words ...


On 17.04.2022 12:43, Ed Willink wrote:

The PMI form for JDT at

is no longer able to report a bug. It reports "Sorry, entering a bug into the product JDT has been disabled.,,Please press Back and try again."

Does this mean that JDT is now perfect and will never have any bugs ever again?


        Ed Willink

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