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[cross-project-issues-dev] PlatformRel vs SimRel vs Orbit Abolishment frustration / Xtext leaving SimRel (again) ?!?

Hi all, my frustration of the current state has cost me another sleepless night and thus i need to start this discussion again.

All of the following statements are subjective and describe my personal view and option and feelings.

Trigger was but is just another big drop to barrel to overflow.

What is it about:

- PlatformRel: Release of the basic eclipse platform and jdt on a regular basis - SimRel: All project release together with PlatformRel in versions that work together. This requires the projects to "paying attention" to ensure this holds true. - Orbit: Central place to pull 3rd dependencies from. This avoid each and every project packaging their own stuff and makes it possible for projects with the same dependency to work together seemlessly.

Projects: Eclipse has projects with
- some budget
- a limited budget (i would categeorize Xtext with 4-6 days a month here)
- basically no buget

Projects and values:
- Some projects value support for older platform and java versions, others dont
- Some projects "pay attention", others dont

Xtext: what do i do for Xtext
- work with community
- fix bug
- develop some smaller features
- pay attention
  - fix broken Jenkins files cause infrastructure changes
  - test against upstream platform and jdt
  - bump versions of 3rd party dependencies
  - contribute to upstream project
  - ....

What makes me frustrated:

I have the feeling that i spend 95% of my buget to accommodate for upstream infrastructure changes so that there is basically no time left for bugfixes or features. The 3 month simrel also adds time pressure to that "paying attention" if you take it serious.

The trigger(s):
- with a cleanup process in orbit we have to deal with stuff disappearing from orbit. it is clear that this is a debt in orbit and i am ok with spending a 2/3 month worth of budget to accomodate for it. - /

the 2nd one is the defacto abolishment of orbit.

So if Xtext uses ASM and Platform/JDT uses ASM and they should work together we need to uses the same ASM.
What does this mean for Xtext

- We need to be able to support older platforms and java versions with newer tycho versions + the work for Jenkins file to make this possible (8 different builds) - We need to find out how to use the p2 maven feature from oomph (at a first glance i could not find an option) or replace oomph with target files. - Alternatively we can stop supporting more than 1 platform or Java versions.

I cannot tell how much work this will be because i am neither a tycho nor a Jenkinsfile nor an Oomph expert. I also have no pointers where to copy & paste from to make my life easier with that.

So i dont know if i can make this possible with the budget i have (even less i can imagine projects with much less budget can do)

So what can i do:
- support only latest greated and pass the ball downstream
- pull Xtext out of simrel and with it all of its dependencies (that would also include lsp4e for example)
- stay in simrel but stop "paying attention" and if stuff works together

- why no keep orbit as place for 3rd party dependencies. I dont know what would need to be done to  make use of the p2 maven feature there instead in the projects on their own.

Thanks and regards

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