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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] P2 site mirror for Eclipse builds

On 22/02/22 09:38, Mikael Barbero wrote:
I get it is frustrating that suddenly it stops working while you did not change anything but Git(hub) repositories are no files servers and should not be abused like so.

You should contact the original author and ask him to publish his p2 repository to a proper file service. It could be github releases or github pages. Those are not rate limited AFAICT.

In case it might helpful, I wrote a blog post on how to publish a composite p2 repository on github pages:

however, please keep in mind that there are still a few limitations on github pages as well (

"GitHub Pages sites are subject to the following usage limits:

GitHub Pages source repositories have a recommended limit of 1GB. For more information, see "What is my disk quota?"

    Published GitHub Pages sites may be no larger than 1 GB.

    GitHub Pages sites have a soft bandwidth limit of 100GB per month.

    GitHub Pages sites have a soft limit of 10 builds per hour.

If your site exceeds these usage quotas, we may not be able to serve your site, or you may receive a polite email from GitHub Support suggesting strategies for reducing your site's impact on our servers, including putting a third-party content distribution network (CDN) in front of your site, making use of other GitHub features such as releases, or moving to a different hosting service that might better fit your needs.


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