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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse Blogging

Define "our" ;)

The issue with asking Foundation for more services is that -with limited manpower- it reduces the quality of services on existing services.

I think we should leave that decision to the foundation.

So if the blog platform introduce a reduction of quality about the CI or GitHub integration, adding a few more hours of delays for each answer, then it's definitely not something profitable to the community. If the blog platform has very low SLA, so low that its issues are never prioritized and it's always failing, then it means it will be itself of bad quality, often failing, never evolving, and will become a dead service very soon.
Also, many people will still fairly prefer to publish to their own blog, to boost their company or personal branding in the ecosystem, allowing them more opportunities. So I don't think many people will want to sue such a common platform.
Realistically, I don't think this is in the best interest of the community to ask it from EF.

Dude, lighten up. You talk about the EF webmasters and the infra like they are about to die.



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