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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Log4j 1.x vulnerability

Creating a fragment tightly couples it to its implementation and thus have to scope with its life-time and internal implementation state.

You have two choices:

- make two fragments
- switch to never dependency and don't care about the old

Am 26.01.22 um 08:30 schrieb Dirk Fauth via cross-project-issues-dev:
Good to hear that you are moving to Import-Package! The fragment in the current configuration can actually not be simply fixed with a drop-in replacement as your version bounds are too strict. With that configuration it won't be ever possible to exchange to a newer bugfix version. I would suggest that you at least change this to [1.2.15,1.3)

I am fighting the Require-Bundle vs Import-Package discussion for years. There are unfortunately a few use cases in the Eclipse Platform that blocks the clean usage because of split package issues. Still I agree to your statement in general, especially with regards to logging dependencies which is because of SLF4J one of the best examples. But even with Import-Package the fragment issue (e.g. To provide a bundled logging configuration or custom log writer) would fail.

Should we have a look at creating a re-bundled reload4j?

Dietrich, Christian <christian.dietrich@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:christian.dietrich@xxxxxxxxx>> schrieb am Mi., 26. Jan. 2022, 06:56:

    we at Xtext have already a issue to track it on our side

    unfortunately Xtext in the current release has require bundle (if i
    catched them all they should be gone in 2.26.0.M3) but the bigger
    problem is this one here

    i guess also some downsteam components in simrel would have to pick
    up a new Xtext release.
    i am not sure how much time i can spent to "pay attention" in feb
    and what the webmaster team will break
    so that i am not sure if it is a good idea to add the new Xtext
    release to simrel

    kind regards

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